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It’s the Month of Love

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

February has arrived and with it the colder weather it seems.  However, since February is the month of love, I feel warm and cozy inside as I contemplate love in all its forms.   Although I can enjoy and experience all kinds of love, romantic love, parental love, love in families, friendships, divine love, the kind of love that I return to again and again is unconditional love.

When I am with my clients we often end up exploring this notion of unconditional love, partly, because for many of us the way we love ourselves and others is very much conditional.  However, the very fact of being human means that we are imperfect and in the human kind of love there will inevitably be ups and downs.  The more that we can forgive and accept ourselves and others then the easier and smoother the ride will be.  It does not mean that we do not sometimes need to discuss and clarify situations and express our feelings but it does mean that just as we are not perfect we do not expect others to be.    The phrase “I love you just the way you are” does not necessarily mean I have loved every single thing that you do or say but it means that I see your spirit and your gifts and I can also see your humanness,  your imperfections and I love you anyway.

If you are interested in exploring the topic of unconditional love further, there is a wonderful article written by the Heart Math Institute this month in their blog “Heart Qualities for Resetting the Heart”.  Their website is