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Have You Noticed The Signs Of Spring?

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Despite the recent snowfall, have you noticed the signs of spring in your gardens and at every street corner.  I have heard the birds chirping in the trees, little shoots peaking their heads up through the snow and wet grounds.  The squirrels are frolicking on the fences ready to come out to play.   What I have also been aware of, however, is that in order to truly allow the beauty of spring to shine fully, there is a lot of cleaning up that might still have to be done!  There are some dead leaves left over from the fall.  Some broken branches from the winter winds need to be collected and cleared away.  Pathways swept and repaired.

As with any transition from one season to another, there is a letting go along with a rebirthing process that takes place.  These are part of the natural cycles of nature and of life.

Spring cleaning our homes at this time of year is a ritual that many partake in. Some for religious reasons, others because it just feels like the natural thing to do.  We feel inspired to make everything cleaner and brighter, as we let in the fresh air and more light into our lives.

Emotionally and energetically we might also find ourselves in the process of sorting out and letting go.  It is a great time to embrace, accept and release old grievances, forgiving ourselves and others for things that cannot be changed.  Forgiveness can be a tool that oftentimes we forget.  We think we are blaming others while sometimes not even noticing the extent to which we blame ourselves.

I invite you to take a moment to write down any events from the past that still hold a lot of energy for you.  Events that your mind and emotional body return to time and time again.  See if there is anyone to forgive around those events.  Acceptance that we did the best we can and others too can release the hold our mind has on these events.  In so doing we free up ourselves to feel what’s there without judgement or needing to fix or change anything that happened.

Being joyful is part of our natural state of being.  The more we make peace with our past, the easier it becomes to live in the present moment and appreciate those experiences that bring us joy.  The spring time is full of opportunities to sense the aliveness and potential in every moment.  Letting go of what no longer serves is a great way to support ourselves in truly appreciating the moment….and the beauty of springtime as it emerges.

Have a great month everyone!

As always your comments are always welcome and if I can support you in this process please let me know!!

Much love,