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Following your heart

Monday, May 29th, 2017

Hello Everyone,

We are deep into the heart of spring, a time of planting, seedling and blossoming.  If you are sensitive to the change of seasons you might have felt your energy shift, these past few weeks, from a more inward, reflective movement to an awareness of increased energy and enthusiasm to move forward on some of your most favoured plans and projects.

But what to put your attention on?    More than ever the choices before us can be astounding and, at times overwhelming.  Our minds tend to be logical and linear but not necessarily imaginative.  Our minds have been usually trained to ignore or override our feelings.   They might have their own to do list which makes sense in some ways but has nothing to do with nourishing us or helping us to create a life that feels good.  However, there is another way to make a choice and that is from our feelings, or our hearts guidance.  If we take the time to tune into our heart’s compass we might be able to hear the whispers from our soul nudging us to go here, do this, move this way and focus here.

The good news is that this small quiet but insistent voice is inside you.  You don’t have to necessarily ask anyone’s advice to hear it although sharing with others can sometimes be helpful.  However, what is needed more than anything is space.  It is taking the time and space to slow down our normal mental chatter in order to listen in a much deeper way to the guidance that may be arising, or what is calling us.

Oprah calls this quiet still voice her True North.  Lissa Rankin, MD. (author of the Fear Cure) calls it her Inner Pilot Light.  You might simply wish to call it intuition.

Regardless of its name, you know when you are listening because when you make a choice that is in alignment with your heart’s guidance it feels good, you feel connected to your body, you feel on track and above all you feel like you.

Like everything else trusting our inner guidance system and intuition takes practice.  It also requires feeling our feelings.  Focusing on the heart’s intelligence (see  on a regular basis can assist us in feeling and connecting  more easily and consistently with the more truest and most honest part of ourselves.

Have a good month everyone,

Much love,