Individual Psychotherapy Sessions

I help individuals identify, sense and release limiting patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours which may be preventing them from living their lives fully. I will support and work with you to make peace with your past and find new and innovative ways of looking at what is possible for your life. Together we will develop practices and discover new tools which will support your emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

I am passionate about helping you to thrive in every area of your life and connect to a life filled with purpose, passion and ease.

Dream Coaching

In this 10 step process, get in touch with your inner dreamer, banish your doubter and uncover what you are really passionate about creating next.  Blocks to your creativity as well as practical next steps will also be explored.

Please note that sessions can be arranged in person at my office in Westmount, or by telephone at a mutually convenient time.

Couple Sessions

I work with couples who may be interested in improving their relationship through learning new ways of thinking about their relationship, enhanced communication skills and creating an environment where intimacy and sexual satisfaction can flourish.

Vivianne supports One World Children;s Fund (OWCF) as well as the Rainforest Alliance

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  • "Vivianne is an extremely intelligent, progressive and genuinely caring professional. She is on the cutting edge of psychology and introduced me to some of the latest techniques regarding recent research into the human mind She is a gem and life saver and I would recommend her to anyone and I put may name on that."
    ~ Tamara