Taking Responsibility For What We Are Feeling

Hello Everyone,

Many years ago I studied a method of communication called “Non Violent Communication”  by Marshall Rosendberg.  One of the main messages of this form of communication is the idea that we alone are responsible for taking care of our feelings.  In his book Rosenberg states “What others do may be the stimulus of our feelings, but not the cause”.  In some ways the idea that we can take responsibility for what we are feeling is a great one.  Since we never have the power to change or control what someone else is thinking and feeling, this concept  returns our power where it belongs….inside us.  The bad news is that we have no one to blame for what we are feeling and, at times, it may feel incredibly difficult just to be with what we are experiencing.  However, if we do give ourselves the space and opportunity to feel what we are feeling without the need to lash out or blame anyone else (including ourselves) we are also giving ourselves the chance to experience immense emotional liberation    I believe most of us are searching for ways to be more emotionally free in our lives and in our relationships with others.

Non violent communicaton is just one book that can be used to facilitate the process of emotional liberation.  As many of you know, I also love the tool of Emotional Freedom Technique which is very accessible and helpful when we feel stuck or overwhelmed by what we are experiencing.  However, simple intentional breathing or journaling are also excellent tools.

It sometimes feels like a luxury just to take some time out to breathe and feel.  However, maybe it is not such a luxury but an essential part of a healthy life.

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