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Slowing Down

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Summer is the perfect time to slow down, create some space and listen to what is truly calling us.   Sometimes in our busy lives we get distracted and disconnected from what Judith Wright calls our deepest yearnings.  In her book “Soft Addictions”    Judith invites us to consider how much of our time is spent in activities that could be considered addictive.  These are activities that seem “normal” in our culture e.g., watching tv, constant busyness, shopping, surfing the internet, talking about others.  However, they may be preventing us from living life from a more place that is more alignment with who we truly are.

So what is the antidote to these soft addictions.  Well becoming aware of them might be the first step.  So anything that cultivates mindfulness will assist; meditation, yoga, spending some time in nature, authentic movement.  Just slowing down and creating some space in our day will also also go a long way. I also find it helpful to engage in a practice of enquiry?  Taking the time to journal or explore with a good friend:

  1. What am I feeling right now?
  2. How does my body feel?
  3. What would contribute to my health and wellbeing today?
  4. Is there something I am avoiding which would be helpful to take care of?
  5. What would be most nourishing to me?

As always, be gentle and compassionate with yourself in your enquiry.   It takes great courage to break free from our habitual patterns that may not be serving us.  This enquiry is not about making ourselves feel wrong or bad for our choices but, moreover, to become more intimate with ourselves so we can engage in life in ways that open us up more and more to who we are. Our heart and soul yearns for activities that contribute to our growth, our aliveness and our creativity.

I will be on vacation during the month of August so Vivianne’s Musings will return in September.  To assist you in your slowing down process I have included a short guided meditation.

Have a beautiful summer, everyone.

Much love,


The Practice of Allowing

Monday, September 19th, 2011

I love summer. As a child I spent my summers on the beach in Spain.  A time of absolute freedom and connection to what I believe matters the most i.e. people, great food, nature, dance, deep connection with my body and the joy of being alive.  Every summer it is as if my body remembers.  As if my body goes to that place where it wants to be lying on a beach, having a simple life, drawing circles in the sand.  Even though I don`t now spend months on a beach (and would not necessarily want to) I do find myself recreating that feeling within whatever experiences I am having.  It is a time to taste food better, to connect with friends, to be outside, to feel my feet on the floor, on the sand, on the rocks or on the grass. A time to swim in oceans, lakes and pools.  A time of sensuality and pleasure where I feel exquisitely alive.  As summer draws to a close I find my mind wanting to make fall bad. My mind wants me to complain and whine. At times I find myself resisting the beauty of fall, what fall has to offer.  Yet, I know my heart loves fall. At this point in my life, fall is filled with all kinds of succulent experiences.  The problem is my mind can get stuck in the past where maybe this was not true. When I breathe into the reality of my life now a different truth emerges.  My heart actually loves all the seasons as my heart knows that life is precious and cannot afford to be in discord with whatever is showing up in my life.  My heart loves life and wants me to enjoy every precious moment whether it be playing in the sand, gathering fall leaves, shoveling snow or seeking eagerly those early signs of spring.  So this fall I am practicing allowing and being in a place of non resistance.  I am asking my mind to let go of the notion that things have to be a certain way so that I can just be with what is.  When resistance shows up I just notice it, breathe into it and let it go.  Today and each day I choose to enjoy life.